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Car License Plate Pro Camera

MTC-LV6638HQ-R, is ideal for capturing car license plates of retro-reflection. Even under strong headlight influences or other impossible situations like during the day or at night, the captured image can still stay clear and recognizable. This car license plate camera was built with Sony Super HAD CCD II and the Sony HQ1 DSP, and the resolution of MTC-LV6638HQ-R can hit 540 TVL. MTC-LV6638HQ-R also has fabulous functions as Mechanical Visible Light Filter, Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR), and Sense-Up for capturing excellent image qualities. You can use it on any kind of entrances or any kind of situations.

MTC-LV6638HQ-R adopts f3.8~9.5mm or f9.0~22mm D/N varifocal lens. It performs perfectly from 1.5 to 6 (f3.8~9.5mm Lens) or 6 to 13 (f9~22mm Lens) meters. For the best results, you can see the suggestion of "Suggestions for Focal Length and Object Distance". And the patent external adjustment makes it easy to modify the varifocal lens. When it comes to Car License Plate Camera, our selection simply provides smarter choices for you.

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