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Press Release


Shany Advanced Outdoor Cameras

Shany Electronics presents advanced Outdoor Cameras, MTC-LM7438HQ, MTC-L7438HQ, and MTC-LV6638HQ. These advanced outdoor cameras are all equipped with 1/3” Sony Super HAD CCD II, their resolutions hit over 540 TVL; these cameras simply produce clear and high quality images.

MTC-LM7438HQ, built with 5 pieces of 8X8 mm Super High Power Reflection LEDs and 20 pieces of (5Ø) IR LEDs, the working distance has been further improved to 30~60M indoors and 25~50M outdoors.

MTC-L7438HQ, built with 6 pieces of Super High Power Reflection LEDs and 24 pieces of IR LEDS, the working distance can reach 30~50M indoors and 25~35M outdoors.

MTC-LV6638HQ, is idle for car license plate captures. The light inhibitory effect can work wonderfully at night. Even under strong headlight influences, the captured image of a car license plate can still be clear and readable.

With Mechanical Visible Light Filter, Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR), and Sense-Up functions all built-in, these Outdoor Cameras provide excellent image qualities. The 2 layers of glassed lens design protects the lens from dust and water, IP66. The patent external adjustment makes it easy to modify the varifocal lens. 3-axis adjustable & cable management bracket can help camera to capture images from more angles. When it comes to outdoor camera, our selection simply provides smarter choices for you.

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