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Press Release


Announcement of Upgrades for MTC-L632HQ & MTC-L631

Shany Electronic has upgraded the Outdoor IR Camera, MTC-L632HQ & MTC-L631 since 2008 Q4. In the upgraded MTC-L632HQ & MTC-L631:

1. We have designed a brand-new case for the upgraded version MTC-L632HQ & MTC-L631. We strengthen the water resistance capability in the new camera case. The mechanism of the new case is also easier and more convenient for camera installation.

2. At the rear part of MTC-L632HQ & MTC-L631, the conventional cable gland and cable have been designed as an unity molding cable to increase water resistance.

3. The sensor has been upgraded from SONY Super HAD CCD to the new advanced generation, SONY Super HAD II CCD, and the illumination would be enhanced accordingly.

4. The built-in DNR & Sense Up functions have been added to the upgraded MTC-L632HQ & L631. DNR(Dynamic Noise Reduction) function helps to reduce noise from the images, and the Sense Up function enables achieve an excellent low-light performance.

As a result, the upgraded MTC-L632HQ & L631 not only have a brand-new look with a better water resistance but also have a superior illumination and greater functions.

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