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Shany Outdoor IR Camera: MTC-L7438HQ

Shany Electronics recommends an Outdoor IR Camera, MTC-L7438HQ, in 2008. Built-in 6 pcs Super High Power Reflection LEDs and 24 pcs (5Ø) IR LEDs, the illumination reaches 30~50M indoors and 25~35M outdoors. Complied with the RoHS directives, Opto-Transystem light sensor is adopted in the light module without harmful substances.

The main characteristic of MTC-L7438HQ is Shany's patent design "External Varifocal Lens Adjustment". According to users' demands, the focus can be adjusted directly and conveniently from the external adjustment to keep a clear image quality at anytime. Also, the external DC iris level adjustment is convenient for users to control the iris level of DC driven lens. Moreover, the other advantage is the "Cable Management Bracket". This special design can protect the cable inside the bracket to prevent from rain or humidity in the outdoor environment, so the water resistance of MTC-L7438HQ reaches IP66.

Equipped with SONY Super HAD CCD and HQ1 DSP, the resolution of MTC-L7438HQ is up to 540TVL, and the adopted f3.8~9.5mm/ F1.2 aspherical D/N lens can provide a high quality picture. The double glass lens design prevents halos and blurring which resulting from the dust in the air. In addition, the built-in "Mechanical IR Cut Filter" switches automatically between the day and night mode to gain a precise image. MTC-L7438HQ also provides dual voltage power input. It is more convenient when connect the camera to power supply, and there is no limitations when the camera using in different applications. Furthermore, MTC-L7438HQ Outdoor IR Camera has special built-in DNR and SENSE UP functions. DNR (Dynamic Noise Reduction) technology helps to reduce noise from image signals effectively, so the camera will have more clear and crisper images in low light conditions. SENSE-UP function is used to maintain a brilliant and vivid screen image by automatically detecting changes in the level of light, under low light conditions, and this allows cameras to enhance the luminance and achieve an excellent low-light performance.

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