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Press Release


Shany Car License Plate Camera

Shany Electronics introduced a new Car License Plate Camera, MTC-8362HQDN-C/ MTC-MIR8362HQDN-C. The main feature of this camera is the CAR-DC shutter speed control, and it is designed for capturing vehicle license plates. This intelligent CAR-DC shutter speed control can capture vehicle license plate numbers at speed up to 150km/hr(90mile/hr) in the daytime and 70km/hr(45mile/hr) at night. Besides, according to different requirements, users can customize the shutter speed through the 8-step manual shutter speed control function from 1/100(120) to 1/560sec.

Equipped with the digital Day/Night switching capability, when the scene illumination is lower than 1 Lux (MTC-8362HQDN-C) / 2 Lux (MTC-MIR8362HQDN-C), the camera switches automatically from Color Mode to B/W Mode to catch clear image in the night time. When the illumination is higher than 5 Lux (MTC-8362HQDN-C) / 8 Lux(MTC-MIR8362HQDN-C), the camera regains from B/W Mode to Color Mode. Furthermore, the MTC-MIR8362HQDN-C has a built-in "Mechanical IR Cut Filter" which switches on automatically, as the illumination achieves 8 Lux, to block the infrared light and get more precise color image in the day time. As the illumination down to 2 Lux, the IR Cut Filter is removed automatically to increase light sensitivity for a brighter image at night.

This new generation Car License Plate Camera has special built-in DNR and SENSE UP functions. DNR (Dynamic Noise Reduction) technology helps to reduce noise from image signals effectively, so the camera will have more clear and crisper images in low light conditions. SENSE-UP function is used to maintain a brilliant and vivid screen image by automatically detecting changes in the level of light, under low light conditions, and this allows cameras to enhance the luminance and achieve an excellent low-light performance.

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