Industrial Security


POU CHEN Corporation

In Vietnam, the need for security is rapidly growing. Pou Chen Group has set up an industrial park in Vietnam, together with a small community which houses its employees and family members. How to set up a tight and highly-efficient security network has always been a problem before they implement the solutions offered by Shany Electronic.

First of all, for the purpose of energy saving and night surveillance, the cameras have to possess the capability to work under low light, and the support of high dynamic range is also required when it comes to strong sunlight in the daytime of Southeast Asia. High dynamic range support had been impossible for earlier models of cameras, and that often resulted in poor videos showing drastic contrast and unidentifiable objects, and therefore vastly diminishing the effectiveness of video surveillance. On top of that, it is very likely that moonlight could be the only light source at night. How to meet the requirement of daytime and nighttime security could be the main issue.


WDR support and night vision: MTC-L351EF/MTC-L661H/MTC-L605D/MTC-L632H/MTC-L352H


After implementing Shany's line of cameras with high dynamic range support, Pou Chen now owns a risk free surveillance system which fully coincides with the industrial park's security policy, and has become an integral part of employees' work environment and even the surrounding areas. The fully integrated back-end management platform provides instant record retrieval and highly-responsive alarm system, making security management impenetrable.

Thanks to the 24/7/365 service of the security system and the proactive alarm mechanism, the security team can work on a smaller scale while still being able to maintain the security of the ndustrial park with their rock solid service.


The solution offered by Shany is really helpful in bridging the gap between the old and the new security software and hardware, and it also provides a solid foundation for future expansion - Jacky Ruan, Chief of the security team