Shany Electronic Co. Ltd. is a ISO-9001 certified world leading camera manufacturer in security surveillance camera industry since 1994 from Taiwan. We began as a small office. With two decades effort and development, it has bloomed as a well constructive company near hundreds staffs.

We offer complete camera product line in IP, HD-SDI and Analog Cameras. The award winning at Secutech Expo on both 2012 and 2014 is the best guarantee to SHANY camera's quality and design.

Shany's success is due to our long-term approach to customers and to our commitment to quality, efficiency and flexibility. We spend countless hours working closely with customers to help them produce the best possible product for their target market, and our ability to bring products to market quickly ensures that our customers stay ahead of the competition.

Shany is not only a innovator, but also your best business partner in CCTV industry!

2014  Secutech Award for 1/2” 1080P Starlight IP Camera
2012  Secutech Award for 1080P/60fps HD-SDI Camera
2011  Adds SMT equipment
2010  Expand China office and factory area to 2,000 m2
2009  Expand production facilities and increase capacity by 100%.
 Obtained ISO-9001:2008 certification
2008  Introduced KPI Performance Management System
2007  Expand R&D Department
 Create SHANY new image (CIS)
2006  Established subsidiary in the USA
2005  Set up SMT division / Set up a factory in China
2003  Obtained ISO-9001:2000 certification
1998  Moved to Nei-Hu Technology Park in Taipei City for better resource-intergrating.
1994  Shany Electronic Co. Ltd has been a professional security surveillance supplier since 1994.
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