Factory Tour

In-house manufacturing ensures the stability, quality control and compatibility of our customers' end products. Our in-house DIP and SMT lines, Compact Visual Evaluation System, Lens Resolution Projector and X-RAY Hazardous Measurement incorporate the most advanced production and testing equipment to ensure optimum product quality and maximum yield for our customers.


Most of materials and components are derived from mainstream providers in Japan, Korea, and USA.

Machinery/Production Process

Shany have invested USD 500,000 in their production process which is 25% automated, 55% semi-automated and 20% manual. We have 4 assembly lines and much sophisticated equipment such as ICT equipment, digital equipment and dynamic production lines. All of our equipment is imported from Japan and Germany.

Customer-centric Manufacturing

We are conveniently situated only 50 minutes from the CKS airport and we are also near the Te-Din exchange and the Sung Shan airport. Our close proximity to Nei-hu Hi-Tech Industrial Park allows us access to the newest and the best technology and technological support.

We have the added advantage of having a warehouse of 3500 square meters to facilitate the timely delivery of all our customer's orders.

Shany provides custom design and manufacturing services along with hardware. By working with Shany, OEM and ODM customers achieve significant reductions in development costs, integration costs, support costs and time to market. Additionally, our commitment to quality in custom manufacturing ensures that all Shany products are produced to precise specifications and rigorous quality standards.

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